Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Windows 8 Metro apps and the outside world

 In this blog I am sharing one of the new trend in technology world.

'Windows 8 Metro apps and the outside world: connecting with services and integrating the cloud

The blog attachment will covers the overview/discussion about the following :

       •Accessing data behind a service

       •Working with WCF and ASMX services

       •Working with REST services

       •Accessing oData services

       •Syndication with RSS

       •Authenticating with Twitter and Facebook using the WebAuthBroker

       •Using the Live SDK in your Windows 8 apps

       •Using roaming data in your applications

       •Working with sockets             
                –TCP sockets

      •Setting the correct capabilities for network communication

I have attached the presentation by Gill Cleeren.

Topic summary: Windows 8 Metro style apps will give users a great experience. Apps promise the user to be alive and connected. Being connected means interfacing with services and the cloud. But what options do we have to make the connection to the outside world? 
In this discussion, we could get to know to explore how WinRT apps can connect with services (WCF, REST...) and the cloud to offer a great experience.

Hope this sharing content was useful.

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Prabhakaran S Pandian

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